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Juice-Make your life colorful
Juice-Make your life colorful
Juice Lines
Hot-filling technology can expand production and packaging opportunities for juices, energy drinks, teas, sport drinks, etc., A complete hot-fill line solution allows you to optimise performance and make more-informed decisions across the lifetime of the production line. With everything centred around one supplier, you gain wide-ranging expertise, equipment and ongoing services to evaluate your entire project. This ensures high quality and efficiency from raw material to equipment. More than 15 years hot-filling experience, we continue to do our best to service the clients from all over the work. 

· Traditional hot-fill temperature is 85-90 degree. It needs crystal neck PET preform and special blow molding machine to blow bottle, which is heat-resistant type bottle.
· Middle temperature fill technology is new filling method. The filling temperature is 65-70 degree. Comparing hot fill, normal neck PET preform, light bottle with normal bottle blowing machine. But it has high requirement, such as bottle cleaning, filling machine cleaning, etc.
Juice Lines
Juice Lines
Juice Line

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