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filling system and blowing system


According to blowing container and material, the Mold has PET bottle blow mold, hollow blow mold and PET preform mold. It has high accuracy, nice polishing, long life time, easy maintenance, etc.,

PET bottle blow mold is widely used in blow molding machine of beverage production line. It has aluminum blowing mold and Stainless steel blowing mold. Generally speaking, aluminum blowing mold is used to blow water bottle, carbonated soft drinks bottle, edible oil bottle, etc.. the heat resistant temperature of PET blow mold is about 65-70 degree. the stainless steel blowing mold is used to blow hot filling juice bottle, which temperature is 88-90 degree. the SS blowing mold is heating by hot oil to make bottle forming firmly with any deform.

Hollow blow mold, installed with extruding and blowing machine, applied to various industries, chemical, car, sport, etc.. HDPE jar, PE engine bottle, big volume chemical liquid storage container, plastic pallet, plastic valve body, plastic chair, baby safety seat, etc., are all blew by hollow blow mold. The blown container volume is from 200ml to 250L.

PET preform mold is installed with injection machine, it is popular in packaging products manufacturers. There are Hot runner PET preform mold and cold runner PET preform mold, meanwhile except for PET preform mold, it has cap closures mold. They are used in food and beverage packaging industries.



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