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plastic bottle blower

Depending on automation and capacity, the blowing system has 3 series, there are semi-automatic blow molding machines, automatic linear blow molding machines, and automatic rotary blow molding machines. They are widely used in bottling manufacturers and plastic products manufacturers. 

The semi-automatic blowing system is low speed but the blown container volume is a big range, which is from 100ml to 20L. Lower cost, lower space-occupying, very popular for new investors and small size bottling company to lunch new products to test market.

Automatic linear plastic bottle blower is high speed for small PET bottle, which is 150ml-2000ml. the single cavities capacity is up to 1800pcs based on 500ml or 600ml bottle, especially for lightweight PET bottle blowing. High output, power saving, it can be connected with filling machine via air conveyor to realize the online automatic produce. Of course, the linear blower is suitable for blowing big volume bottles, which are from 3L to 15L with lower capacity. 

An automatic rotary blowing system is widely used in high-speed PET bottle filling lines from 15000BPH to 42000BPH. Comparing linear blow molding machines, the output is much higher, less space occupying, less power, and less cost. Currently, the single cavity speed is 2000BPH for a normal water PET bottle. it is widely used in high-speed bottling production lines, it is also combined with filling and capping machines to get blowing filling capping mono-block bottling machine, it is very popular in food and beverage bottling factories.



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