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How To Maintain The Beverage Processing System?

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Beverage processing systems have been used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand the beverage processing system. In this article, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of the beverage processing system to a certain extent, including how to maintain the beverage processing system. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.


l Maintenance of beverage processing system.

l The beverage processing system products provided by the company.


Maintenance of beverage processing system.

The utilization rate of beverage processing systems is high and expensive, and failures have a greater impact on the normal operations of enterprises. The use time of the beverage processing system depends on whether the normal use is normal and the maintenance work after use is completed. So, how to maintain and maintain the beverage production line equipment correctly?

First of all, the beverage processing system must be carefully inspected before use, so as to avoid problems, find and solve them in time, especially in terms of parts tightening and lubricating oil addition, etc., to check, update and maintain in time; The production line equipment is placed in a safe location and installed separately to ensure that it is not affected by wind and rain;

According to the beverage processing system manual, the vacuum pump should be regularly maintained and refueled (pay attention to maintaining the oil level). Strictly pay attention to not allowing the pump to reverse, so as to avoid the wrong operation of the pump and the pump reverse, and the oil is sprayed back to the vacuum system in the pump. Frequently check whether there is any foreign matter on the sealing varnished cloth (PTFE) of the hot press frame and whether it is flat to ensure the sealing strength. Always check whether the grounding of the machine is in good contact to ensure safe use of electricity. When the beverage machinery is found to be malfunctioning, the power should be turned off in time, if necessary, the emergency stop button should be connected, and the machine cover should be lifted after deflation, then turn off the voltage, check the cause, and eliminate the malfunction.

After use, the beverage processing system should be cleaned up in time to ensure that the internal equipment of the production line is clean and that the raw materials are not contaminated when it is put into production again. At the same time, the equipment is clean and not easily affected by acid and alkali.


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