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processing system

The processing system includes a water treatment system, beverage processing system, and CO2 mixing system. They are 3 different stations in the food and beverage producing line. 

As the first station of the production line, the water treatment system plays an important role, the original water is pumped into stainless steel tanks from the well on the earth. After pre-filtering, reverse osmosis, precision filter, sterilizing, the finished water will be used in the water filling line and beverage processing system directly. Good quality and stable water treatment system is a good starting of the whole beverage production. Based on the raw material analysis report, The core filtering of the water treatment system has Ultra-filter, 1st Reverse osmosis, and 2nd reverse osmosis. It makes finished water matching WHO requirements.

The beverage processing system has a hot water preparing station, sugar melting station, beverage blending station (blending water, syrup, additives, etc.), sterilizing station. According to the beverage characteristic, the sterilizing system is an optional item.

The CO2 mixing system is the CO2 carbonator or mixer. It is used to mix syrup, water, and CO2 to make sure the mixed liquid-gas content is up to setting value, the whole mixing system temperature is 0-4 degrees in order to CO2 mixing is well, then the finished beverage is a nice tasting. The new technology of mixing temperature is 14-18 degrees.



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