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How Does A Palletizing System Work?

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Palletizing systems have been used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not have completed the palletizing system. In this article, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of the palletizing system to a certain extent, including how the palletizing system works. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.


l The workflow of the palletizing system.

l The palletizing system products provided by the company.


The workflow of the palletizing system.

The palletizing robot related to the palletizing system is one of the most important equipment to complete the three-dimensional warehouse. It is the front-end equipment for storing goods in the three-dimensional warehouse. It can stack a single material together for easy transportation and improve production efficiency. It puts the cardboard boxes that have been loaded into the container, the chemical products, cement, and grain in the big bags on the wooden (or plastic) pallets in a certain arrangement, and performs automatic stacking, which can be stacked in multiple layers, and then pushed out, which is convenient for forklift transportation. Store in the warehouse. Palletizers are now the first choice to many companies, so before we choose palletizers, let's briefly introduce the working process of palletizers:

The movement mechanism of the palletizing robot enables the hands to complete various rotations (swings), movements or compound movements to achieve prescribed actions and change the position and posture of the object being grasped. In order to grab an object at any position and orientation in space, 6 degrees of freedom are required. The degree of freedom is a key parameter of the robot design. The more degrees of freedom, the greater the flexibility of the palletizing manipulator, the wider the versatility, and the more complex its structure. Generally, the palletizing manipulator has 2 to 3 degrees of freedom. The control system completes specific actions by controlling the motors of each degree of freedom of the palletizing robot.

The robot palletizer can be integrated in any production line to provide intelligence, robotization, and networking for the production site. It can realize the palletizing logistics of a variety of operations in the beer, beverage and food industries. It is widely used in cartons, plastic boxes, and bottles. Types, bags, barrels, film-packaged products and filling products, etc. It is matched with three-in-one filling line, etc., to palletize various bottles, cans and bags.


The palletizing system products provided by the company.

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