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Conveyor System

The conveyor system is a necessary part of whole filling line, it is used to transport empty bottles and full from blow molding machine to filling machine, labeling machine...

The conveyor system is a necessary part of whole filling line, it is used to transport empty bottles and full from blow molding machine to filling machine, labeling machine and packaging machine. It has air conveyor and bottle belt conveyor.


Air conveyor profile

Air conveyor is a bridge between the blow molding machine and 3 in 1 filling machine. Air conveyor is supported by the arm on the ground; the air blower is settled on the air conveyor. Each inlet of air conveyor has an air filter to prevent dust coming into. Two set of photoelectric switch settled in the bottle inlet of the air conveyor, The bottle is transferred to 3 in 1 machine through wind.

Main character

  • Except support arm etc. which are made of plastic or rilsan material, other parts are made of SUS AISI304.

  • Air blower is settled with air filter to prevent dust coming into the bottle.

  • There is an adjustable joint settled in air conveyor. Do not have to adjust the height of blow molding machine and air conveyor to meet the demand of different bottle, only adjust the height of bottle inlet.

  • There is a block bottle clear device driven by cylinder. When bottle block in the inlet, it clear the bottle automatic, this can avoid breaking the parts of blow molding machine.

Main technical parameter

  • Model: F-9;

  • Air blower Power : 2.2KW/set;

  • Air conveyor length per set air blower: 6-8 m


Bottle belt conveyor

The efficiency of working line is related to the configuration of the conveying chain. You should consider the configuration of the conveying chain when the after section of the equipment stops (for example: changing the tags and so on), there should be no affection to the section before of the equipment, meanwhile, you should connect the before and after section of the equipment fluently to make the working line work at the high efficiency. The layout which is made by our company is according to the investment and the working efficiency of the customer’s working line. And we can come to the above requests at the base of the advanced technician abroad. This system applies the advanced technician abroad which has the high technician of 90 years. The mechanical structure is designed newly, most components formed by using stamping or bending, with the benefits of good rigidity, light weight, good interchangeability. Reliable operation, easy maintenance, it is suitable for conveying the bottles whose diameter are φ40 ~ φ96 mm. Electric control system adopts PLC control to control the full bottle conveying, the operation of buffering system , to realize automatically the function of speed acceleration and deceleration, auto-buffering.

Main Character:

  • It is steady to convey the bottles. The conveyor is controlled by the bottle belts and main machine or the equipment up and down to make the bottle no falling, no stuck and no stocking. You can set a buffering platform before the labeling machine (the usual time is about 10minutes) according to the user’s requests. When the labeling machine changes the tags, there is no need for the before section of the filling machine to stop running and wait. The products filled by the filling machine at this time will be stored by the buffering platform. After the tags have been changed, the labeling machine will produce the bottle stored on the buffering platform at the high speed and then it will be recovered to the normal speed.

  • The structure of the conveyor is designed by modular. The alternativeness of the parts are flexible, the structure is intensity, little noise and it is convenient to fix and maintenance it. It can be grouped according to the different capacity and bottle shape flexibly.

  • The design of electrical control is advanced and reasonable, according to customer's plan to design control methods, select the electrical control components to further enhance the smooth conveying.

  • We set the location of the controlling switch according to the layout of the conveying system to make the users operate conveniently.

  • There is lubrication system to accompany with the chain.

  • Stainless steel (AISI304) is used to make the main parts of the structure.

  • ABB or SEW, P+F products are used for the main electrical parts.



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