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PET preform

PET preform is Polyethylene terephthalate preform. According to material, it has water bottle grade PET preform, carbonated soft drinks grade PET preform, hot filling drinks grade PET preform, edible oil grade PET preform etc., of course, the clients can pick up preform based on neck size and finished bottle volume, the famous neck are PCO28 1810, PCO28 1881, 3025, 2925, 2622, etc.,

All preforms are made by 100% new Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resign, which is food grade material. The PET preform has high dimensional accuracy due to high repeatability and stable process, there is no scratches on finished PET preform surface. The PET preform has low AA (Acetaldehyde) value and minimal material deterioration.

WEIS provides PET preform picking up service after client provides finished bottle drawing. WEIS also supply free PET preforms in order to assist client getting the ideal weight PET preform for finished bottle or bottle drawing, so that client can save purchasing cost of PET preform. OEM and customized design are available.



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