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Can You Wash And Reuse Plastic Gloves?

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We can see the presence of plastic gloves in many places. Do we have a certain understanding of plastic gloves? What knowledge do you have about the cleaning and use of plastic gloves? Next, we will introduce you to the cleaning and reuse of plastic gloves. We hope you will be helpful to your life and work after browsing.


Cleaning of plastic gloves.

Plastic gloves are easy to clean. We soak them in dish soap and then brush them off with a softer brush. It is recommended that the water temperature for washing plastic gloves should not be too high. Other stains can be cleaned and removed with neutral detergent.

Use machine glue while brushing the glue in and uncover it. The glue can soften the middle glue layer and it will be easier to separate, so that it is not easy to tear the rubber. The oil resistance and heat resistance of plastics are not very strong. If you use it at high temperature every day, and if you don't clean the plastic gloves immediately after cleaning up the greasy, it will accelerate the aging of the plastic gloves over time.

Soak it in water and rub it with starch for a while. After washing and drying, put it in the refrigerator and take it out the next day. If it is not used for a long time, put it in a plastic bag and put it in the cabinet after it is dried to keep it from cracks and stains for a long time.


How to use plastic gloves.

1. Before using disposable plastic gloves, check whether the gloves are intact or not. When using, keep your hands dry, gently separate the openings, and gently slip them in.

2. This product is a film product, do not touch sharp objects, use too much force, and nails should not be too sharp or too long to avoid breakage.

3. This product should not be near the fire source or exposed to high temperature.

4. The product is valid for two years.


Plastic glove products provided by our company.

Our company (WEIS) has more types of plastic gloves. Classified by material, plastic gloves are divided into PE material plastic gloves, PVC material plastic gloves (Vinyl gloves) and Nitrile gloves. PE plastic gloves are polyethylene, PE plastic gloves can contact food; PVC plastic gloves are polyvinyl chloride, PVC plastic gloves should not be in contact with hot food. Latex gloves (nitrile gloves) are usually used in professional occasions, such as operating rooms, laboratories and other places that require high sanitary conditions. If you have a certain consumer demand in plastic gloves, you can consider our company's plastic gloves products and come to buy.


Welcome to our company (WEIS) to purchase plastic gloves. We will provide you with the best plastic gloves products and services. Finally, we wish you success in your work and good health.

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