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Glass bottle filling lines

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Glass Bottle Filling Lines

Since the 1st glass bottle drinks was happened in the market, it still plays an important role in beverage packaging industrial after developed over than 100 year. Glass bottle gives your package more choices, and improve your finished product level. Enhance your brand in competition. It is widely used in food and beverage industry, such as beer, wine, olive oil, sparkling water, milk, whisky, etc.,


With more than 10 year experience in beverage packaging industry, complete glass bottle line solutions is provided, and also we can help you to pick up glass bottle and cap from our cooperators.

Cap: Aluminum cap, crown cap, metal cap, Ring-up cap,

Output: 3000BPH-15000BPH

Bottle type: Glass bottle

Bottle volume: 150ml-2000ml

Glass bottle layout

De-palletizing system

New glass bottle are stacked on pallet before leaving glass bottle supplier. The de-palletizer moves glass bottles to multi lane conveyor layer by layer from the pallet. Then all new bottles are sending to filling system. 

depalletizing system

CO2 carbonator

CO2 carbonator is CO2 mixer, it is used to mix Syrup, Water and CO2 under lower temperature (0-4℃), the machine de-aerating unit, CO2 mixing unit, Plate heat exchanger, chilling system, etc., the gas content is 2.5-3.0 or 4.0-4.5 in finished product. 

CO2 carbonator

Filling system

Comparing PET bottle neck holding transportation model, the glass bottle is transporting inside of filling machine by bottom holding device. As glass bottle is heavy, the rinsing clamp has bottle body holding part so that glass bottle can be turning over 180 degree to be washed. Then glass bottle is sending into filling unit and capping unit to do filling and capping via star wheel. The sealed bottle will be transited to next station by conveyor. The filling speed is from 3000BPH to 30000BPH.

Filing system

Bottle warming

The bottle warming machine function is warming filled bottle temperature to ambient temperature. After that, the labeling machine and packaging machine can finish their job. Generally speaking, it has 3 spraying zone. According to clients’ requirement, we can extend the spraying zone to warm bottles. 

bottle warming

Conveyor system

All bottles are transported into each machine by conveyor system. All systems of the production line are linked with conveyor system. SS conveying belt conveyor is necessary for glass bottle transportation in order to extend conveying belt lifetime.

conveyor system

Labeling system

Labeling machine is used to stick label on filled bottle. According to label material. Glass bottle labeling machine has shrinking label machine, self-adhesive label, cold glue labeling machine, etc., the available speed is from 3000BPH to 48000BPH. 

labeling machine

Packaging system

According to your own situation, you can choose one of product package as following list:

PE film shrinking wrapper with cardboard

Carton packaging machine with tape seal

Carton wrapper with hot glue

packaging system

Palletizing system

It is the final step of water beverage production line. The products after packaging machine will be stacked on pallet in the palletizing system. 

palletizing system

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