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Juice lines

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Juice Lines

Hot-filling technology can expand production and packaging opportunities for juices, energy drinks, teas, sport drinks, etc., A complete hot-fill line solution allows you to optimise performance and make more-informed decisions across the lifetime of the production line. With everything centred around one supplier, you gain wide-ranging expertise, equipment and ongoing services to evaluate your entire project. This ensures high quality and efficiency from raw material to equipment. More than 15 years hot-filling experience, we continue to do our best to service the clients from all over the work. 

1. Traditional hot-fill temperature is 85-90 degree. It needs crystal neck PET preform and special blow molding machine to blow bottle, which is heat-resistant type bottle.


2. Middle temperature fill technology is new filling method. The filling temperature is 65-70 degree. Comparing hot fill, normal neck PET preform, light bottle with normal bottle blowing machine. But it has high requirement, such as bottle cleaning, filling machine cleaning, etc.


Neck: 28mm, 38mm

Filling Temp.: 65-70℃/85-90℃

Output: 3000BPH-36000BPH

Bottle type: PET/Glass/PE bottle

Liquid: Juice, Juice with pulp,Tea, etc.


Water treatment

Based on water analysis report and finished product characters, the complete water treat system has raw water tank, filter, RO unit, UV system, SS pipe, fittings and controlling system.

water treatment

Juice processing system

It contains hot water zone, syrup preparing zone, juice blending zone, Pasteurization unit, De-aerator, Homogenizer, CIP system, pipeline and fitting. The whole system is meeting food sanitary requirement. 

Juice processing system

PET preform

Juice preform is different with water preform and soft drink preform.

Neck size: 28mm crystal neck, PCO28 neck, 38mm neck;

Preform weight is heavier than preform of water and soft drink if bottle volume is same;

Bottle is heat resistant, it makes PET preform material is 100% new resign.

PET preform


Replacing cooling water tunnel, the heating media is hot oil so that bottle is heat resistant after blown. After filling juice, bottle has not shaped.


Blowing system

PET preform is heated in the oven, then be blown with HP compressor at main blowing station. 

blowing system

Filling system

The filling machine has reflux system, when do CIP system; the cleaning liquid can be recycled as the whole system is closed loop. With different filling temperature and product character, based on 3-in-1 mono-block machine, we can add rinsing unit and filling unit. The filling speed is from 3000BPH to 36000BPH.  

filling system

Sterilizing chain

It is one type of bottle conveyor. The sealed bottle’s temperature is 60-85 degree. so turning over the sealed bottle and sterilize the bottle neck and inner cap to keep the production lifetime is longer.

sterilizing chain

Spraying and cooling tunnel

The sealed bottle’s temperature is higher than room temperature. The spraying and cooling tunnel can decrease the sealed bottle temperature and make the product storage easily, and also it is good for labeling and packaging at down-stream line. After pass the tunnel, the filled bottle’s temperature is down to ambient temperature, and also the filled bottle is pasteurized again. 

spraying and cooling tunnel

Conveyor system

All bottles are transported into each machine by conveyor system. all system of the production line are linked with conveyor system.

Air conveyor: empty bottle transporting from blower to filling machine;

Plastic conveying belt conveyor: convey PET bottle;

SS conveying belt conveyor: convey glass bottle;

Roller conveyor: transport carton, pallet, PE film case, etc;

conveyor system

Labeling system

Labeling machine is used to stick label on filled bottle. According to label material. It has hot glue OPP labeling machine, shrinking label machine, self-adhesive label, cold glue labeling machine, etc., the available speed is from 3000BPH to 48000BPH. 

labeling system

Packaging system

According to your own situation, you can choose one of product package as following list:

PE film shrinking wrapper

Carton packaging machine with tape seal

Carton wrapper with hot glue

packaging system

Palletizing system

It is the final step of water beverage production line. The products after packaging machine will be stacked on pallet in the palletizing system.

palletizing system

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