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How Do You Use Preform?

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Preforms have been used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand the preforms. In this article, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of the preform to a certain extent, including how to use the preform. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.


l How to use the preform?

l Classification of preforms.

l Preform products provided by the company.


How to use the preform?

There are many categories of preforms. Take the pet preform as an example:

PET preforms are typical injection molded products, which are easy to transport. They are mostly made of plastic material with uniform texture and good insulation. They are intermediate products for plastic bottles and oil drums.

Under a certain temperature and pressure, the mold is filled with raw materials and processed by the injection molding machine to form a bottle blank with a certain thickness and height corresponding to the mold.

PET bottles have strong applicability and are widely used in daily necessities, daily chemical packaging and other fields. From mold processing to machinery and equipment, they are very picky, easy to get started, but difficult to do. PET preforms are reprocessed by blow molding to form plastic bottles, including bottles used for packaging cosmetics, medicines, health care, beverages, mineral water, reagents, etc. This bottle making method is called a two-step method, that is, the preform is formed through injection molding. A method of forming PET plastic bottles through blow molding.


Classification of preforms.

PVC preform

The most commonly used blister material is soft, strong, and malleable. It can be made into transparent and various colors. Transparent PVC is commonly used to package electronics, cosmetics, toys, gifts and other products.

PET preform

Hard quality, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, environmental protection and non-toxic, transparent and multi-color sheets. The disadvantage is that PET high-frequency heating is more difficult, and the price is much more expensive than PVC. This material is often replaced by users who require high-grade and environmentally friendly products. PET materials are generally used for plastic bottles, food packaging boxes, etc.

PS preform

Low density (light weight), environmentally friendly, non-toxic, very good plasticity, poor toughness and brittleness, can not be made into transparent materials, so it can only be made into bottom bracket type blister, because it is easy to crack, this type of blister is not suitable for recycling

PP preform

The material is particularly soft, good toughness, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and high temperature resistant. It is often made into packaging for dining utensils or other high temperature resistant products; but its plasticity is poor, processing is difficult, surface gloss is poor, and the color becomes lighter during processing.


Preform products provided by the company.

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