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How Much Do Water Treatment Plants Cost?

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Water treatment has been used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand water treatment. In this article, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of water treatment to a certain extent, including the price of water treatment. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.


l The price of water treatment.

l Classification of water treatment.

l Water treatment products provided by the company.


The price of water treatment.

Due to the different standards, the price of water treatment is also different.


Classification of water treatment.

Water treatment methods include physical treatment, chemical treatment and biological treatment.

The way humans treat water has been for many years. Physical methods include the use of various filter materials with different pore sizes, and the use of adsorption or barrier methods to exclude impurities in the water. The more important adsorption method is the adsorption of activated carbon. The barrier method is to pass the water through the filter material, so that the larger impurities cannot pass through, and then get cleaner water. In addition, the physical method also includes the precipitation method, which is to allow impurities with a smaller specific gravity to float on the water to be removed, or impurities with a larger specific gravity to be deposited and then obtained. The chemical method is to use various chemicals to convert impurities in water into substances that are less harmful to the human body, or to concentrate the impurities. The oldest chemical treatment method should be regarded as adding alum to the water. After the impurities in the water are assembled, the volume changes. Large, it can be filtered to remove impurities.

With the continuous improvement of human life, the eutrophication of ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients in water bodies and the gradual improvement of the sewage discharge standards of the National Environmental Protection Agency, the traditional "primary treatment" and "secondary treatment" water treatment technology has been used for many years. And equipment, it has been difficult to adapt to today's high-turbidity and high-concentration sewage treatment requirements, and the treatment process is long, the system is huge, and it emits a lot of odor. If operators want to meet the latest discharge standards, they need to invest a lot of money to expand the original sewage treatment system, increase the use of floor space, high sewage treatment equipment and high post-maintenance costs.


Water treatment products provided by the company.

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