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What Are The Best Plastic Gloves?

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We can see the presence of disposable plastic gloves in many places. Do we have a certain understanding of plastic gloves? Do you know the classification of plastic gloves? Next we will introduce you to the classification of plastic gloves and some other matters. We hope you will be helpful to your life and work after browsing.


l Classification of plastic gloves.

l Advantages of plastic gloves.

l Plastic glove products provided by our company.


Classification of plastic gloves.

Classified by material, plastic gloves are divided into PE material plastic gloves and PVC material plastic gloves.

PE is polyethylene, and PE plastic gloves can be in contact with food; it is very convenient to use, and because its surface is processed with unevenness, it can prevent adhesion and can be mixed with left and right hands. It has become a widely used product. The characteristics of PE plastic gloves: waterproof, oil-proof, anti-bacteria, acid and alkali resistance, antibacterial. It is often used in household cleaning, laboratory testing, mechanical gardening, food, sanitation and industrial and agricultural protection, hair dyeing, care washing, dining, etc. Almost all the disposable transparent gloves seen in daily life are PE plastic gloves.

PVC is polyvinyl chloride. PVC plastic gloves should not come into contact with hot food. PVC plastic gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride through a special process. Plastic gloves are allergen-free, powder-free, low dust generation, low ion content, and do not contain plasticizers, esters, silicone oils and other ingredients. They have strong chemical resistance, good flexibility and touch, and are convenient and comfortable to wear It has anti-static properties and can be used in a dust-free environment. The characteristics of PVC plastic gloves: 1. Resistance to weak acid and weak alkali; 2. Low ion content; 3. Good flexibility and touch; 4. Suitable for production processes such as semiconductors, liquid crystals and hard drives.


Advantages of plastic gloves.

Not easy to deform, slippery design, powerful toughness, new transparent material.

Product advantages of plastic gloves: oily, sensitive to use, disposable hygienic PE plastic gloves, which allow you to keep your hand skin from too much contact with alkaline cleaners, and are a good product for home life. It does not contain any latex ingredients, has no allergic reaction to human skin, is tasteless, and is harmless. The interior is smooth and easy to wear. Good adhesion, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, and can be used for left and right hands.

Scope of application: It is used for food processing, medical care, preparation, kitchen cooking, housework, hair dyeing in hair salons, home cleaning, beauty salons, camping barbecues, etc., as well as when restaurants and restaurants need to touch food with their hands. It has a wide range of uses.


Plastic glove products are providing by our company.

Our company (WEIS) has more types of plastic gloves. Classified by material, plastic gloves are divided into PE material plastic gloves and PVC material plastic gloves. PE plastic gloves are polyethylene, PE plastic gloves can contact food; PVC plastic gloves are polyvinyl chloride, PVC plastic gloves should not be in contact with hot food. Latex gloves are usually used in professional occasions, such as operating rooms, laboratories and other places that require high sanitary conditions. If you have a certain consumer demand in plastic gloves, you can consider our company's plastic gloves products and come to buy.


Welcome to our company (WEIS) to purchase plastic gloves or various kinds of molds. We will provide you with the best plastic gloves products and services. Finally, we wish you success in your work and good health.

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