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What Is Water Treatment Used For?

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Water treatment has been used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand water treatment. In this article, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of water treatment to a certain extent, including the use of water treatment. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.


l Uses of water treatment.

l Water treatment products provided by the company.


Uses of water treatment.

Water treatment equipment may be difficult to see in our lives, but in fact it is widely used in all aspects of our lives, and our food, clothing, housing and transportation are inseparable from water treatment equipment. Water treatment equipment includes: household water treatment equipment, industrial water treatment equipment, and sewage treatment equipment. Depending on the place of use and function, it can be divided into swimming pool water treatment equipment, sea water treatment equipment, industrial wastewater treatment equipment, and so on.

1. Household water treatment equipment

It is used for the treatment of tap water. Generally, the tap water contains chlorine, calcium and magnesium ions and other metal ions. The principle of small household water treatment equipment is basically the same as that of industrial pure water equipment. After the water is treated by activated carbon, quartz sand filter, water softener, and RO reverse osmosis membrane, the calcium and magnesium ions and heavy metal ions in the water are precipitated in concentrated water.

2. Industrial water treatment equipment

Compared with household water treatment equipment, it is much larger, the basic principle is basically the same, and the requirements for the back-end water quality are also higher. In addition to the front-end pretreatment system and reverse osmosis system, there are also sterilization and disinfection systems and electrodeionization systems for preparation. Water with higher purity requirements such as ultrapure water can be used for surface cleaning, polishing, dye additives, cleaning agents, etc. of electronic products such as mobile phones. This equipment is used in almost all industrial production processes.

3. Sewage treatment equipment

This type of equipment is mainly used for domestic sewage and similar industrial organic waste water, such as organic sewage treatment in textile, beer, papermaking, leather, food, chemical and other industries. The main purpose of sewage treatment equipment is to treat domestic sewage and its relatives. Similar industrial organic wastewater is treated to meet the requirements of recycled water quality, so that the wastewater can be reused as a resource after treatment.


Water treatment products provided by the company.

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